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Find the work you love by María Celeste Arrarás

Author: María Celeste Arrarás
Read about María Celeste Arrarás’ experience as a member of the Women@NBCU
advisory board and as a woman at NBC Universal in our series where we hear
from employees across the company.

I remember the day Telemundo announced I would be joining the network. It
was the same day the FCC approved NBC Universal’s acquisition of Telemundo.
I always look at that as the best day of my career because of what was to
come. In the seven years that I’ve been with the company, I’ve had more
opportunities than I ever could have imagined — guest-hosting Today,
contributing to NBC’s Dateline and NBC Nightly News, even appearing on NBC’s
soap opera Passions.

Now I have the opportunity to be a part of a new think tank, Women@NBCU.
Advertisers are trying to tap into the fast-growing Hispanic audience,
especially Hispanic women, who are overwhelmingly responsible for making
their family’s purchasing decisions. But they don’t always know the best way
to go about it. That’s why it’s so important to have Telemundo represented.

Interacting with other women at this company is an empowering experience for
me. I’ve learned that when you love what you’re doing and you see that you
have the support of a company that lets you grow, respects your opinion, and
gives you a place of consideration, you can really thrive. I think that
support has prompted me to give above and beyond what is expected.

Along the way there have been situations I have had to confront, both
personally and professionally. Like going through a divorce and figuring out
what is best for your children. I’ve learned how to be successful in my job
without having to sacrifice my relationship with my children, and how
principles and my word are so important in this business. I also realized
that sometimes as young women (and men), we so often pass up career
opportunities because we follow the wishes of others instead of listening to
our own needs. I learned a lot about that from my own mother, who followed
her own mother’s advice instead of paving her own path. I learned from that
and sacrificed many personal situations for a while so that I was able to
achieve my career.

I’ve been lucky and successful as a woman, as a mother, and as a
professional. I think you have to live your life by a certain set of
principles and they have to be your True North. In order to be successful in
every area of your life, you first have to be successful as a human being.
If you’re successful as a human being, you will feel satisfied at the end
with whatever you have and most likely, it will be everything that you dream


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